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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), is reported to be a type of depression that occurs when the days are shorter and nights are longer during the winter season. 65% of women are diagnosed with SAD and people who live in countries in both the northern and southern hemisphere suffer. The less daylight you see the more susceptible you are. Even working in an office with little daylight can bring on the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Lifemax Light Pod 107a SAD Lamp
The Lifemax light pod 107a Sad lamp is a cheaper alternative to some of the better known brands. It has two brightness settings to...
LIGHTSHIP 4 in 1 Therapy SAD Lamp Light Box
This space age SAD lamp is the best all round light box available today and you could be a proud owner now. The cool arc bank of 4...
Lumie Zip LED SAD Lamp
The Lumie ZIP LED SAD lamp is a great portable lightbox that can sit anywhere, so you can enjoy its bank of lights to help get ove...
Philips HF3475/01 SAD Lamp
The Philips HF3475/01 SAD lamp is another middle of the range product that is not too expensive but is packed with functionality. ...

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