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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), is reported to be a type of depression that occurs when the days are shorter and nights are longer during the winter season. 65% of women are diagnosed with SAD and people who live in countries in both the northern and southern hemisphere suffer. The less daylight you see the more susceptible you are. Even working in an office with little daylight can bring on the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Redstone SAD Lamp
This Redstone SAD lightbox comes with 2 36W light bulbs (energy saving) and emits 10,000lux which is incredibly bright. It stands ...
Lumie BRIGHTSPARK SAD Lamp And Therapy Lightbox
Cambridge based Lumie have released this great SAD lamp called the Brightspark Lightbox which provides a really bright light to t...
Lumie Arabica SAD Lamp
The Lumie Arabica SAD lamp is perfect for use at home and can be placed on a desk reading table or anywhere that is close to your ...
Philips HF3485 SAD Lamp
The Philips HF3485 SAD lamp is a great example of the Philips brand creating a wonderful designed product. Who needs an alarm cloc...

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